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Advantages of being a member of Ridgeline Capital

    • Collective and diversification of real estate portfolio, Money pooled from many investors(members) allows the RC to purchase more buildings than an individual would be able to buy alone thus with little money, a member is able to own higher returns generated by real estate properties like office buildings, shopping malls, apartments,
    • Members are able to own real estate without the costs hassles associated with real estate.
    • Annual returns in form of dividends from the proceedings of sale, lease/let of real estate owned by RC.
    • Ridgeline Capital shall buy land/property for and on behalf of a member with limited resources to out rightly purchase the property.
    • Ridgeline Capital shall offer home loans to help members complete their building projects
    • Members will be able to access mortgage loans at competitive interest rates.

Ridgeline Capital Real Estate Investment Areas

Ridgeline Capital shall capitalize in the following areas of real estate subject to member’s approvals.

      • Construction of sky scrapers, office complexes and warehouses that can be let or sold on condominium basis.
      • Construction of apartments/flats to let and or sale on condominium arrangement
      • Construction of single-family detached/stand-alone residences, terraced houses, maisonettes/semi-detached residences for let or sale to members and general public.
      • Purchase of enormous chunk of land, that shall be subdivided into plots of not less than 0.25 acres and sale it to members. There shall be condition of interested purchasers not to further subdivide the land and to conform to our architectural master plan. This shall be done to ensure good and well planned environment for our members while promoting green belts in the estates.
      • Giving real estate mortgage loans to members at competitive interest rates.

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