Sabiiti Herbert, MBA, BBA (MUK)


Depending on how old you're or how long you've lived, you may have crossed paths with people who self-prescribe malaria medication the moment they feel feverish, sometimes they get well but other times they attempt treating malaria yet miss treating the actual disease - Pneumonia, Typhoid or even just fatigue. Medics are trained to do both examination and prescription, and as you may know by now, it is sometimes costly to do self medication.


It's been a decade +3 more good years since I started practise in real estates, I've painfully witnessed people who lost their hard earned monies, assets-to-be or are in the valley of conflict due to this "Self medication".


Back to the day's talk, there are different purposes/ scenarios of boundary opening but for the purpose of this post I will focus on *Real estate acquisition*


Why do you need to open boundaries before you purchase real estate property? *To;*

  •   Ascertain whether the land as indicated on the title actually exists on ground in terms of geographical location.
  • Ascertain whether the size of the land as indicated on title is similar to that on ground. Sometimes the size may not be the same due to error at the time of title processing.
  • Establish if the land/ property of interest has vehicle access roads (whether planned or not). I have seen people spending more money to buy access roads from the neighbors and i can promise you, you really don't want to go down that road. Yet it is a requirement for every titled land especially in urban areas to have an access road.
  • Establishing if there are any encroachments affecting the plot of interest and determining the levels of encroachment (possible encroachments can be from neighboring plot developments, Squatters, roads and so forth)


  •   Determining if the plot's geographical location is not a gazetted area, for example; wet lands, road or railway reserves, or public land


         So next time the temptation to self medicate is highest, remember a few examples among the very many we encounter almost on a daily basis;


  •  Paying for an access road that you shouldn't have paid for in the first place
  • Conflicting with your permanent neighbor due to encroachment. I'd like to believe we all want to be able to say "Merry Christmas" to our neighbors in good Faith when December knocks...
  • Building demolition when the affected neighbor declines to be compensated.


  • Spending more money amalgamating a piece of land you encroached on in addition to what you paid for as compensation
  • Building on a different plot, this normally happens in organized real estate where plots are almost similar in arrangement. I've witnessed 5 people building on different plots, the 6th person didn't accept to build on a plot that wasn't his, and you could notice alot of 'hard earned money' changing hands in form of compensation.
  • Some client bought a lowland thinking it was an upland.
  • Buying a non existing plot..heard of "Empewo"?
  • Buying land that initially is designated for wetland, etc.


The threat paused by self medication is rather conspicuous! And many times when it is running late, you may require engaging different physicians to treat the actual disease. In an equal notion, engaging land surveyors in the aftermath may incur you litigation costs.


As I wish you a nice weekend, remember to be careful with that dining table, it kills!.




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