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Sabiiti Herbert, MBA, BBA, MUK

On 1st September, 2019 I will be making 12 years of experience in real estate business. I have had an enriching journey as real estate consultant for these 12 years.



_Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen_ in their book *one minute millionaire* advise to look out discounted properties e.g;

1. Sellers who‘re forced to liquidate their real estate to solve a cash need.

2. Sellers who are selling their mortgaged properties to avoid being liquidated by the bankers on forced sale value. I always advise my clients to at least buy from the owners rather than from auctioneers. I believe in win- win not winning while someone else is in tears.

3. Properties that are in crisis like dilapidated properties, properties occupied by difficult tenants, etc

4. Properties that can be converted to another more viable use like rental apartments to condominium use. Apartments to office use or hotel etc. This can dramatically increase value.


When it comes to your first investment, size does not matter. We firmly believe you can start small. At Ridgeline, we do encourage youth to invest in real estate as long as you have some income. You can become a landlord through our real estate financial support program.


HINT. Land that is within 40kms radius from central business of Kampala and 20kms radius of upcountry towns is worth buying.


WARNING: Buying real estate is not like making an order for a meal in fast food restaurant, what is the hurry for? Take your time, do due diligence before you commit your hard earned finances.


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